Here's an introduction to AutoBizSystems CI.

The CI of AutoBizSystems is designed to develop a solution that specializes in vehicle diagnostic analysis in line with the dynamics of vehicle electronic control technology.

In particular, AutoBizSystems is forward-looking by emphasizing the graphic motif AUTOBIZ, reminiscent of cutting edge and enterprising future, and is committed to creating value and service reliability for customers.

Color System

Major CI's main color “AUTOBIZ” (Mascque/Font) is a symbol of infinite trust and represents the company's future commitment to global growth.
In order to identify the solution specialized in vehicle diagnostic analysis, a graphical image (wired) of the dynamic car (mobile) is shown.


A representative CI color of AutoBizSystems, used as a principle for WHITE background.

Black / White

WHITE background is used as a rule.
It cannot be used except for black and white media.

Logo Type

There are two types of AutoBizSystems logo, Korean and English, except in special cases, clear Gothic font and black color.
Used to apply a sound effect.

Vision Slogan

We are constantly thinking about new possibilities that we've never experienced before, abandoning our uniform sense of sense and thoughts, to create innovative value and deliver our customers' desires and happiness.