EDR (Event Data Recorder) Diagnostic & Analysis

Event Data Recorder Overview

EDR (Event Data Recorder) means a device capable of recording, storing and extracting operational or collision information for a period of 5 seconds before and after an accident, usually a type of data recorder embedded in the vehicle's Airbag Control Module (ACU) or engine ECU or PCM.

[EDR Domestic Legal Trends]
Enactment and enforcement of the Automobile Management Act Decree on Accident Records Devices in December 2015

EDR Operation Information Data (Required 15 items, additional 30 items)

Key Composition of EDR Data

EDR (Event Data Recorder) information extraction process

EDR analyzing cases

Collecting and analyzing possible cases in situations in which different EDR data types are understood by different vehicle manufacturers and where road conditions, driving conditions and vehicle conditions are taken into account.