CEO Message

What does AutoBiz Systems do?

Value Creation and Service Diversification!
Leading the DATA Platforming Era in Diagnosis

We, AutoBizSystems, are a company that analyzes big data on connected vehicles and provides diagnostic information solutions for global vehicles, including the details and expertise of vehicle maintenance, and the changeable automotive maintenance industry as a whole, and we will do our best to satisfy our customers with the reliability of diagnostic information and proven vehicle diagnostic database that we have built over the years in this field.

Vehicle Diagnostics Development Service

In particular we will strive to create the best product and brand by establishing a plan for maintaining products and services and expanding it into the global market, including the domestic vehicle maintenance market.

Independent Development Analysis Technique

Support for quick vehicle diagnosis and DB implementation and control of the vehicle, Generate Synergy with Carrying HW Solution Companies!

Our commitment is to provide a higher level of product service through our core capabilities and specialized development analyzer methods while experiencing the rapidly changing automotive technology industry ecosystem.

Thank you.

AutoBizSystems Inc
CEO Jay JaeHyok Yoon