We will develop with many excellent companies in the spirit of shared growth.

Leading company for eco-friendly electric vehicles
Dream Pioneer in Eco-friendly EVs

DPECO Inc., is a global small and medium-sized company that has been exporting automotive design engineering for 20 years and specializes in electric vehicles that independently design and manufacture ultra-small electric trucks, eco-friendly electric buses, and medical electric scooters in the era of eco-friendly electric vehicles.

KB Kook Min ChaChaCha
Trusted Used Car Kook Min Platform

Car sales that can be trusted and transacted, and safety check service based on trust The disclosure of transparent diagnostic verification information on all domestic vehicles in the name of KB Kookmin ChaChaCha. It will be with Hi-Scan CM

Eco-friendly electric vehicles
eco-friendly electric buses that think about people and environment!

World-class performance and future-oriented design!
Affordable product! EDISON Motors makes the best design and highest quality cars you want.


It is a key comprehensive company that insists on the safety of its customers, from providing diverse and excellent new product services to training key professionals, with all the keys and unique technical know-how in key areas for more than 45 years.

Domestic vehicle key copy and specialized service agency

Since its establishment in 2015, the Key Repair Engineer Service has been the number one key chain organization in Korea and has grown along with the development of security technologies for car keys, motorcycles, and home automation.
Unlike in the past, the company now offers complete on-site restoration services, including lost car keys, auto-locking, key making, and immobilizer coding, combined with specialized special equipment and advanced technology.

Personal Auto Repair Service

The 10-year Ride Maintenance Center is an organization that implements social contribution to create the right culture of maintenance by realizing the "belief maintenance" that customers find first by operating a systematic and professional car management program and establishing a computer network for follow-up management.

Pioneering for priority Customer

ECOINTOT Co., Ltd. was established in 2009 through six years of incubation as a accumulated technology know-how of KUKILINTOT Co., Ltd., which has pioneered and developed the domestic sealing industry.
In 2015, we first started rental through planning rental business and launching a coffee machine, and now we are separately launching various products such as car diagnostics and gelato machines to select rental products.

MBT Motors is operated by CEO Baek Joo-hyun, who has more than 30 years of experience in auto maintenance alone, and is currently teaching junior training and maintenance at Osan University in Gyeonggi Province, using practical experience in the field, while serving as a technical advisor to Auto Biz Systems.

“From the Age of Maintenance to the Age of Management”

Since its establishment in 2014, 9CircleKorea has developed automotive lubricants, chemical, and related special tools and maintenance devices to provide more specialized vehicle management services in line with the rapidly changing trend of automobile maintenance.

Recycle Park is a company specializing in the distribution of reusable parts by building business platforms ranging from general consumers, maintenance companies, insurance maintenance and overseas sales to development of a comprehensive business system for automotive decommissioning (consulting and maintenance).