Hi-Scan CM(Communication Module)

Hi-Scan CMis the best specific diagnostic scanner for only Hyundai, Kia, Ssangyong, GM Daewoo, and Renault Samsung.

10.1-inch optimal screen with new diagnostic UI environment drawn on 1280x800 resolution

Advancement of Maintenance and Technological Information

Essential maintenance product scanner, which can no longer be removed from the environment, is considered key points to the ability of the vehicle to respond to the latest vehicle in depth, including extensive system diagnostics.

Development of a System through Independent Analysis Technique

Based on a highly portable HW communications module

User convenience over OEMs Best UI/UX Menu Structure

With ease, with speed, with more accuracy

Hi-Scan CM is an optimal diagnostic communication module for checking the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) functions of all vehicles, and it can check and function diagnostic information on six basic functions.

Support and extend service coverage to all internal combustion engine vehicles and to EHVs

Key Service Flows in Hi-Scan CM

"We'll share the best and lowest services and benefits to you."

# Top 5 domestic brands

Development of the latest diagnostic database for all Hyundai, Kia, Ssangyong, GM Daewoo, Renault Samsung vehicles (highest level in the industry)

# Optimal UI environment

Build an environment that eliminates complexity and makes it easy environment for users to use diagnostic programs

# Design of a built-in communication module

HW products with more sense and refinement, abandoning ruggedness

# Zero Price burden

50% to 60% of the average price of a competitor's product

Optimal Diagnostic UI Menu Configuration

Enjoy Hi-scan CM's diagnostic UI environment and a variety of highly available utility features that are faster and simpler.

System Diagnostic
Once communication is made with the in-vehicle electronic control system, the initial diagnosis screen will appear and a menu will be displayed for all diagnostic functions supported by the target system.


Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) display
Failure code items can be easily identified by communicating with the in-vehicle electronic control system, checking if the selected vehicle system is faulty, and expressing the detected fault code.

- Fault condition : You can check the date of the situation where the fault code is generated.
- Details : You can check the details of the fault code.
- Erase : This function deletes the corresponding fault code through the clear command.


Sensor Data
Sensor data items can be communicated to the in-vehicle electronic control system to determine the current status of the various switches and actuators, as well as data values and control values for each sensor in the selected vehicle system.

Fixed item

You can pin sensor data items to view graphs and store data.

Graph view

Item Fixed sensor data can be converted to graph for verification. To analyze the sensor data on a vehicle: It's helpful to look at the graph (up to 32 items selected, up to 8 graph views on the screen).

Data save

A function to store fixed sensor data values.
Data storage time is up to 1 hour, and storage time may vary depending on the number of sensor data selected.

DTC view

Fault code items can be viewed simultaneously with sensor data, and sensor data can be divided into halves on the top.
The item is displayed, and the fault code item is displayed at the bottom of the screen. If there is a fault code, you can check the value of the sensor by comparing it.

Actuatored items can be used to force actuators and switches to operate or shut down to diagnose abnormalities of such parts.


Special Functions (Reprogramming)

Clear various readings clear the electronic control system within the vehicle and the electronic control system (ECU) is initialized. Deletion of various learning points may vary depending on vehicle manufacturer and vehicle type

System information
The system specification information shows various system-related information, such as the model name of the system and the software version. The system specification information function may vary depending on the vehicle manufacturer and vehicle type.


Hi-Scan CM basic components

Item Descriptions
1 Aluminum carry case
2 Hi-Scan CM Interface Module
3 USB memory (16GB)
4 Bluetooth dongle
5 OBD-II extension cable
6 USB A/B cable
7 10.1Window tablet

- This is a PC-type wireless diagnostic scanner and is available in basic specifications, including tablet PCs, depending on the buyer's choice. (Tablet price is $224 separately)
※ Recommended Tablet PC specifications: Window 10 operating system, resolution 1280x800, memory over 2GB

Hi-scan CM optional components

Item Descriptions
1 Hyundai 12P cable
2 Hyundai keyless cable
3 Kia 20P adapter
4 Kia 6+1P adapter
5 Kia 3-type keyless cable
6 SsangYong 14P adapter
7 SsangYong 20P adapter
8 GM/Daewoo LPG cable
9 GM/Daewoo 12P adapter
10 Samsung 14P adapter

- Diagnostic adapters belonging to optional items are not included in the basic package. You can purchase them separately, please visit our website at www.autobizsystems.co.kr for more information.

Full kit package

- We inform you that depending on the components purchased, the type of diagnostic adapter may differ from the information listed in the manual, and the unsupported brand will be added in the future according to our development schedule.