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The vehicle diagnosis database for FMW and car sharing is a situation in which analysis is developed based on the selection of diagnostic information for the selected vehicle type or system by customer, and DB update cycles are not provided on a regular.

Yes, it is. If you want to view or check the contents and other service information related to product use, please log on to the website via JOIN membership registration.

According to our development policy, global vehicle development is also in sequence. When development is completed, we plan to distribute it as a formal version. Specific details can be confirmed through separate announcements.

According to the update policy, we distribute the full version(official) over four times a year (quarterly). For more information, see "Notice" on our website.

According to the refund policy, In the event that a vehicle that is not supported is identified after purchase, except in the case of major product problems and defects, please inform the head office or the agency to update the vehicle immediately. Before purchase, we kindly recommend that you check the information on the support vehicle coverage in advance.

In accordance with our Update Policy, SW updates are available for any number of downloads. If you need a license for an additional extension, please contact Customer Service.

Thank you for contacting your nearest sales representative and head office. For more information, please use our "Puchase Inquiry" channel on our website.

In accordance with our warranty policy, if a serious problem or defect of the product is found, it can be returned or exchanged within 7 days from the date of purchase. In case of loss of the product due to simple change of customer or careless use of the product, we inform you that the product cannot be exchanged or returned.

Free service for all products will be one year from the date of purchase under our warranty policy. Please note that when the free time period expires, we will switch to paid service. For more information about product warranty service, please contact our Customer Service Team at +82-32-719-4896.

No, there are no restrictions on your use from the date of your initial purchase, regardless of the free time period. However, the use of new vehicle system maintenance information is limited. During the period of payment, the company must pay for the SW update to receive the service.

Firstly, the serial number is printed on the back sticker of the product hardware module you purchased. Secondly, you can check the product serial number information from the PC web application "Hi-Scan VIEW". If, in the above two circumstances, it is not possible to verify it, we would appreciate it if you could contact your agent or head office directly.

First of all, We're sorry for the inconvenience. Please refer to Hi-Scan VIEW Installation Guide in our website's archive or contact Customer Support at +82-32-719-4896, and we will provide a quick response service.